Types of Membership

The Society has various classes of membership:

  1. Full Member: Those with a bachelor’s degree from a reputable university, at least one publication in any field related to fisheries and actively involved in fisheries research and/or development.*
    Associates members who wish to upgrade themselves as Full members after meeting the requirements, will only be considered after having completed one full calendar year as an Associate member.
  2. Associate Member: Those who do not qualify as Full Members but who are actively involved in the industry or who are not involved in the industry but have a keen interest in fisheries.
  3. Student Member: Those who are bona fide students of schools, colleges and institutions of higher learning, but excluding postgraduate students.
  4. Corporate Member: Firms, registered institutions, societies and lawfully constituted bodies which make an annual donation of RM 300. Schools are however required to pay only RM 50 annually.
* Individuals without the required degree and publications may be considered for Full Membership if the Membership Committee feels their involvement in fisheries is meritorious enough to qualify them as Full Members.


  1. All applications for membership shall be submitted online at http://www.mfs.org.my/join-now/ or to the Secretary on the prescribed form.
  2. All those wishing to become members shall be proposed and seconded by members of the Society.
  3. No payment should be enclosed at this stage.
  4. The Membership Committee will consider the application and recommend the appropriate class of membership. The council shall be empowered to approve or reject any such application at its own discretion
  5. After approval by the Council of the Society, the applicant will be informed the class of membership he or she has been accepted for and the appropriate subscription to pay.
  6. Payment should be done via one the following payment modes:
    1. Issuing cheque, payable to
      Persatuan Perikanan Malaysia
    2. Bank in at any CIMB counter or ATM, payable to
      Persatuan Perikanan Malaysia,
      Account no: 80-0215375- 5
    3. Online banking, payable to the same account above
  7. The membership is then considered valid.
    • Only approved members can vote in the AGM.
    • Only Life Member and active Full Member can be elected as the council


SUBSCRIPTION (per annum)
Membership Group
Entrance Fee*
RM 10
Full Member
RM 50
RM 500
Associate Member
RM 50
Student Member
RM 20
Corporate Member – other than School
RM 300
Corporate Member – School
RM 50
* One time payment
Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year.
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