Formation of the Society

Origins of the Malaysian Fisheries Society

In 1986, as industry, in particular aquaculture in Malaysia was growing fast, a group of professionals from industry, academia and government got together to unite and assist in this development. The Malaysian Fisheries Society as a professional society which was officially registered on 13th August 1987.

Fourth Malaysian Fisheries Society Council (1991/1992)

How it all started
The proposal for a professional society received support from the highest level in Department of Fisheries Malaysia (DOF), Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (LKIM) and Universiti Putra Malaysia (formerly Universiti Pertanian Malaysia). The former Director General of Fisheries, the late Ungku Ubaidillah was especially keen on a society to work together with the government on fisheries and aquaculture to move it forward. UPM provided the office facilities and web domain which the society is using to this day.