This book contains seminars papers presented by speakers at the Seminar on “New Technologies” in Aquaculture held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 17th August 1989. Eight leading scientist ranging from the United Kingdom through Malaysia to Japan were invited to deliver their working papers on the latest developments on aquaculture technology in their respective countries.

Aquaculture production in Asia accounts for at least 80% of the total world aquaculture production. In this region, many species of fish, shrimps, molluscs, seaweeds are cultured in a variety culture systems ranging from extensive on-bottom culture of cockles to the highly intensive raceway culture of finfish. This proceedings is a record of the Forum which enabled the scientists, aquafarmers, employees of the public sector and members in the corporate to evaluate, plan strategies and to envision the future of the aquaculture industry. This document will provide the much needed information to expand the data base on aquaculture.

These proceedings provide readers access to the speakers presentation about the New Technologies in Aquaculture on topic including:

  • Recent Advances in Aquaculture in Southeast Asia
  • Prawn Nutrition
  • Advances in Penaeid Larval Feeds
  • Intensive Culture of the Giant freshwater Prawn
  • The Use of a Raceway System ‘GP300’ as a Nursery Facility for Sea  
  • Bass Fry
  • Fish Cage Culture of Marine Shrimp
  • Marine Fish Diseases: The Malaysian Experience
  • New Developments in Marine Prawn Disease Research