This book is an edited compilation of invited papers presented at the Seminar on the “New Commodities in Malaysian Aquaculture” held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 12th October 2002. The seminar provides a platform for scientist, academicians and industry operatives to share information and discuss new commodities in aquaculture sector. This will further contribute to the dynamic growth of the Malaysian aquaculture industry.

The Malaysian aquaculture industry has made significant progress in recent years contributing nearly 12% of the total fish production. With the strong support from the Government, aquaculture sector is expected to emerge as one of the major agricultural contributors to the national economy. A broad spectrum of topics related to culture of new species, their investment and market opportunities as well as environmental concerns are compiled in this volume. This special publication is produced in the anticipation that it will serve as a useful reference for industry operatives, government officials and academia on the potentials of new commodities in aquaculture.

These technical proceedings provide readers access to the information about New Commodities in Malaysian Aquaculture on topics including:

  • Aquaculture development
  • Market outlook and potential of ornamental fish and aquaculture species
  • Issue on cultured aquaculture species