This book contains most of the papers presented at the seminar “Fish Industry: Prospects and Challenges” held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 13th August 1991. The seminar attracted a diverse group of participants from both private and public sectors connected to the industry. Seven papers in this book reflect the overall objectives of the seminar which is to identify the market challenges and prospects for Malaysian fisheries products in view of recent developments and technologies changes in the industry.

The opening paper by Mr. Erik Hempel sets the stage by assessing the prospects and challenges of fish marketing worldwide. He elaborates on the current as well as expected trade requirements of the new European Community (EC) which will be effective in 1993 in the view of the growing importance of the EEC market. It is hoped that this publication will help guide planners and industry participants to better face the challenges of the fish industry in the not so distant future.

These technical proceedings provide readers access to the information about the  Fish Industry: Prospects and Challenges on topics including:

  • Seafood Marketing: Prospects and Challenges
  • Fish Export Requirements and Incentives in Malaysia
  •  Fish Export Requirements of the EEC Countries
  • Some Aspects of Fish Distribution Efficiency
  • Intermediate Fishery Products in Malaysia
  • Case Study on Malaysian Sea Food Exports: Finfish, Prawns and Other Crustaceans
  • Present Status of Siakap, Lates calcarifer: Cage Culture in Malaysia