This book is an edited compilation of invited papers presented at the seminar on “Fish Reproduction” 2009 held in Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia on the 29th and 30th of March 2006. This seminar is an important milestone when renowned scientist in the areas of endocrinology, freshwater, marine and ornamental fish breeding come together to share their expertise. It offers a platform for fish breeders, fisheries research officers, academicians, policy makers and all those involved in the industry to discuss issues related to fish reproduction.

The agriculture sector in Malaysia has been revitalized as the third pillar of economic growth. In Malaysia, aquaculture is seen not only as a major contributor of food fish for local consumption and but also for export. To achieve a continuous supply of good quality fish fry and prawn post-larvae, information and latest technology on fish reproduction is critical. Future development in fry production requires serious involvement by the private sector with a strong support from the government. It will also require consideration in food safety and fish welfare issues during the breeding and culture processes.

These technical proceedings provide readers access to the information about the fish reproduction on topics including:

  • Seed production
  • Reproduction biology
  • Endocrine manipulation
  • Breeding and culture