This book contains seminars papers presented by speakers at the Seminar on “Asian Aquafeeds” held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 12-13th April 2005. A total of 17 invited oral papers were presented. The seminar delivered a comprehensive insight into the Asian aquafeed industry and its contribution to the rapidly growing aquafeed industry.

The aquafeed manufacturing industry is widely recognized as one of the fastest expanding agricultural industries in the world. The increase in the use of aquafeeds is due to the growing trend of most countries toward the progressive intensification of fish and shrimp farming systems where the cultured aquatic animals are increasingly dependent on nutritionally-balanced compounded feeds. On the other hand, the increasing use of compound feeds in aquaculture is also due in part to the increasing need to provide high-quality seafood with a standardized composition. The challenge for aquaculture is to maintain and to improve the currently recognized benefits of seafood for human health while simultaneously seeking to maximize product safety in the eyes of the consumers.

These technical proceedings provide readers access to the latest information about the Asian Aquafeeds on topics including:

  • Aquafeed Ingredients, Formulation and Manufacturing
  • Aquafeed Industry in Asia
  • Quality Control & Product Development