This book represents the combined efforts of leading authorities from both the government and private sectors and is a handy reference for anyone involved in the aquaculture industry. “Aquaculture Practices In Malaysia” is the first ever publication that chronicles the range of practices that characterises the highly diversified Malaysian aquaculture industry. In all, 19 papers were presented dealing with the culture of various species. An overview paper by the Department of Fisheries gave useful background knowledge on the aquaculture industry in Malaysia.

Malaysian aquaculture is as interesting as it is varied. It encompasses the farming of many indigenous, as well as some exotic, species of finfish and shellfish. Although aquaculture ma not yet be a major contributor to the country’s Gross Domestic Product as compared with other sectors of the economy, the potential for its growth into a force to be reckoned with in the future is certainly there. Various research centres have also been established to conduct research into the reproductive biology and culture requirements of various species of finfish and shellfish.

These technical proceedings provide readers access to the latest information about the Aquaculture Practise in Malaysia on topics including:

  • Overview of aquaculture in Malaysia
  • Cockle Farming
  • Tilapia Culture
  • Production of Chinese and Indian Major Carps
  • Farming of Minor Cyprinids and Anabantids
  • Farming of Giant Freshwater Prawn
  • Marine Shrimp and Finfish Farming
  • Aquarium Fish Production
  • Culture of River Terrapin
  • Production of Marine Turtle Seed