This book comprises the proceedings of “Advances in Seed Production Technology” seminar held in Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia on 12-13th April 1995. This Seminar brought together culturists, hatchery operators and scientist to deliberately focus on the status of the seed production technology in the country, as the key to ensure sustainable development of the aquaculture industry.

The growing importance of aquaculture in contributing towards food production as well as to the Malaysian economy has gained attention from various Government and private sectors. Technology development in hatchery operations has made great progress. This is a result of the contributions of professionals in multiple disciplines, mainly from the Government research institutions. However, sustainability of fry production technology not only depends on the quality of the technology itself but also on the availability of gravid spawners and adequate supply of suitable and quality food. Technology developed for one location ay not necessarily be suitable for another location and should be continually modified to meet the local conditions.

These proceedings provide readers access to the speakers presentation about the Advances in Seed Production Technology on topic including:

  • Status of Aquaculture Hatchery Industry in Malaysia
  • Shrimp and Prawn Seed Production in Malaysia, Constraints and Challenges
  • Development in Mollusc Seed Production in Malaysia
  • Production of Marine Finfish in Malaysia
  • Handling and Transportation of Fish/Shrimp seed – The Weak Link in the Chain
  • Recent Developments in Freshwater Fish Breeding at the Freshwater Fisheries Research Centre (FFRC) Batu Berendam, Melaka