Ornamental Fish contributes significantly to the fishery industry in Malaysia. The publication of these proceedings is significant in the sense that the society has been able to put on record the knowledge and contributions shared by a diverse and select group of professionals within the industry.

Compared to the first seminar on ornamental fish which was held in Johor, Malaysia more than 15 years ago, eighteen papers were presented in this seminar. This was in fact the first regional seminar organized by the Malaysian Fisheries Society.

In addition, country papers from Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore helped to make the seminar more relevant in this era of globalization. The paper on flowerhorn, which was the toast of the industry, is translated from the original Chinese version by the editors.

These proceedings provides readers to access all the presented papers of the seminars on topic including:

  • Session 1: Trade & Market Developments
  • Session 2: Biotechnology and Developments
  • Session 3: Systems & Accessories

List of participants and speakers are provided in this book. This publication will prove useful in promoting the ornamental fish industry towards greater growth and sustainability and propel Malaysia towards becoming a leading player in the region.